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  • The user access rights are an important part in the Microsoft systems.
  • Who gets what depends on access rights they get from native landowners.
  • Real-time access right management is handled by the iLOQ Manager cloud service.
  • This is useful to enforce access rights as well as modeling policies.
  • The initial building was funded by selling access rights to railway companies
  • Private property activists claim that nobody has access rights without a recorded easement.
  • This user access right allows editors to edit pages with extended confirmed protection.
  • Usually, anonymous accounts have read access rights only for security purposes.
  • This identifies an object along with a set of access rights.
  • This subsystem concept is important as an encapsulation of access rights and privilege.
  • Other sectors could negotiate access rights and rent facilities, using their own resources.
  • I have access right now to incredible amounts of information instantly.
  • It is simply defines a limitation on the user's access rights.
  • Need-to-know principle gives access rights to a person to perform their job functions.
  • :Everything you want is doable with passwords and access rights.
  • Also when a user is leaving the organization it automatically deprovisions user access rights.
  • For example, Alice has access rights to the server room, but Bob does not.
  • Users can manage access to business documents via the assignment of individual access rights.
  • He also scrutinizes access rights for the disabled, and concludes that they are paradoxical.
  • In a capacities-based system, handles can be passed between processes, with associated access rights.
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