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  • Therefore, use of the centre air corridor was the least uneconomical option.
  • Russia asked Bulgaria and Romania about an air corridor over the weekend.
  • Why should they have been given such an air corridor, " she asked.
  • The U . S . government welcomed the reopening of the air corridor.
  • As the fighter proceeded to Bakersfield, and Los Angeles air corridors.
  • In January, civilian air corridors in the country's upper airspace reopened to international flights.
  • But eventually this could be one of the busiest air corridors in the world.
  • Private CNN-Turk television said Washington had requested the use of 11 separate air corridors.
  • The Allies also had access through three 20-mile-wide air corridors.
  • Russia asked Bulgaria about an air corridor over the weekend.
  • As of 2000, Flushing Airport still had its air corridor reserved under FAA regulations.
  • If we allow an air corridor, we'll be protected.
  • The benefit of this plan would be to preserve the air corridor for Flushing Airport.
  • This is because air corridors in the area between Crete and Cyprus must remain free.
  • Surface traffic from non-Soviet zones to Berlin was blockaded, leaving open only the air corridors.
  • They also have yet to reopen the air corridor for U . N . flights.
  • Two air corridors were to be opened for U . S . aircraft, the official said.
  • "We need safe air corridors, " she said.
  • An open-air corridor will allow visitors to follow the voyage of the sun through the seasons.
  • Air corridors should not be confused with airways.
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