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air craft carrier इन हिंदी

air craft carrier उदाहरण वाक्य

विमान वाहक पोत
air:    वायुमंडल
craft:    चालाकी छल कारीगरी
carrier:    अरदली कुली कैरियर
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.A second U . S . air craft carrier was ordered to the Persian Gulf after Iraq refused to back down from the expulsion order.

2.Those attacks prompted the U . S . to hasten the deployment of an air craft carrier, the USS Nimitz, to the Persian Gulf.

3.The U . S . Navy last week hastened the deployment of the air craft carrier USS Nimitz to the region following air raids by Iranian jets on rebels based in neighboring Iraq.

4.He stood on an air craft carrier before a banner proclaiming " mission accomplished . " Yet two times more Americans have died in combat this year than in all of last year.

5.North Korea has escalated its anti-U . S . rhetoric after Washington deployed more fighter jets to South Korea last month to fill in for a U . S . air craft carrier that left the region to support American military campaign in Afghanistan.

6.The U . S . today ordered a second air craft carrier to the Persian Gulf, following a Security Council statement issued late yesterday that warned Iraq of " serious consequences " if it failed to reverse its expulsion of U . S . weapons inspectors.

7.Last week, after Iraqi forces fired several missiles at U . S . warplanes patrolling the no-fly zones and took steps to repair their damaged air defenses, the United States sent F-117A stealth bombers to Kuwait, dispatched a second air craft carrier battle group to the Persian Gulf and warned Iraq to expect a " disproportionate"

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