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bad debt इन हिंदी

bad debt उदाहरण वाक्य
डूबी हुई रकम

अशोध्य ऋण
अशोध्‍य ऋण
डूबंत ऋण
डूबा ऋण
डूबी रकम
bad:    नाश सड़ा हुआ बुराई
debt:    उधार ऋण कर्ज कर्ज़
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.The bank has racked up nearly dlrs 3 billion in bad debt.

2.Provisions for bad debts in Europe were halved to 6 million pounds.

3.I have seen a lot ofcompanies go down because of bad debts.

4.The quarter included a $ 30 million charge related to bad debt.

5.The authorities have now acknowledged that bad debts may total Yen50 trillion.

6.Bad debt charges doubled to A $ 122 million in the quarter.

7.Bad debts are draining Korea as well as other parts of Asia.

8.CS also said provisions for bad debts remained high while costs rose.

9.Japan is hardly the only country in Asia mired in bad debt.

10.The government has been pressuring the banks to clear up bad debts.

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