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  • Cars are banned on most of Fire Island, a 30-mile barrier beach.
  • Chesil Beach is a barrier beach on the southwest coast of the county.
  • Lacking barrier beaches, it is directly exposed to Lake Ontario's winds and waves.
  • The two barrier beaches are both nesting sites for the endangered piping plover.
  • However, the barrier beach with its sand dunes eventually closed this opening permanently.
  • The Chavara barrier beach portion contains concentration of heavy minerals above 60 %.
  • The shortened Napatree Point is now a barrier beach without any roads or houses.
  • Around 60 % of the Chavara barrier beach portion is composed of heavy minerals.
  • Overall, the refuge encompasses over of barrier beach, intertidal wetland and fragile island habitats.
  • Barrier beaches and river deltas migrated eastward into the seaway.
  • The fine barrier beaches are a recreational attraction.
  • The barrier beach habitat of Quicksand Pond is a potential suitable nesting site for the American oystercatcher.
  • But on that winter day 15 years ago, a storm punched a whole through the barrier beach.
  • The refuge protects various kinds of habitat, including barrier beach, dune, tidal estuary, salt marsh, and rocky coastline.
  • It is separated from the Caribbean by a barrier beach that at times is but 200 yards wide.
  • The final environmental impact statement on Lease Sale 181, written by MMS, suggests no long-term impact to barrier beaches.
  • Suffolk County has a long maritime history with several outer barrier beaches and hundreds of square miles of waterways.
  • In 1938, almost all summer homes on its barrier beach were obliterated by a hurricane resulting in twenty-nine local deaths.
  • To the north, Saquish Neck serves as another barrier beach protecting the bay and is almost seven miles in length.
  • Plymouth Beach guards Plymouth Harbor and mostly consists of a three-mile ( 5 km ) long, ecologically significant barrier beach.
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