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by instalment इन हिंदी

by instalment उदाहरण वाक्य

किस्त द्वारा
किस्तों में
by:    के निकट पास में बगल
instalment:    अंश किश्त किस्त
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.Mowat was cautious in his approach to reform, preferring to do so by instalments.

2.The MP reportedly paid half of the debts today and would settle the balance by instalments.

3.The government has not yet received any proposals by developers on payment of land premium by instalments.

4.The seller is not entitled to deliver by instalments if the contract was not to that effect.

5.Where periods are stated for delivery by instalments, though, the seller is bound to deliver as agreed upon.

6.In the meantime, the university plans to lower accommodation costs and allow students to pay their fees by instalments.

7.But if the judgment be for payment by instalments a power of committal arises on default of payment for each instalment.

8.Until this transfer, which will be paid by instalments, the club has never been able to compete with the big spenders.

9.These include an easy payment scheme where members can pay by instalments, while those who register during the period will be given 10 lessons on basic horse-riding.

10.In addition, the First Wilson government encouraged the introduction of discretionary local authority rent rebates to assist with housing costs, and also initiated the possibility of paying rates by instalments.

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