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  • Command areas may range from anything between a few hectares to over.
  • Ha on a Culturable Command Area ( CCA ) of 1.23 Lac.
  • We remain focused on deploying to an essential command area of operations.
  • The project is covered under CADA ( Command Area Development Authority ) Scheme.
  • During the year 1979 80 the gross area cultivated in Periyar command area was.
  • Battalion size operations were also practised in the South West Regional Military Command area.
  • This helpless situation forced the command area people to think find water sources for themselves.
  • They were formally responsible for both military and civil administrative functions for their command areas.
  • At this time, Carter and company arrive and the Survivors begin pillaging the command area.
  • Morrow follows Helena's trail to the command area and is reunited with Koenig and Bergman.
  • They storm the island, slap befuddled tourists into cells and set up a makeshift command area.
  • Captain Cecil had positioned himself on the " fighting bridge " an open air command area.
  • Knee credited much of the investigation's success to last September's creation of the downtown command area.
  • Main Ustaae Headquarters was tasked to recruit one battalion for duties within the Adriatic Command area.
  • The railway was of enormous importance as it also ran through De Valera s command area.
  • The reservoir has a gross command area of.
  • The 395 m long dam is earth and rock-fill with a command area of 7300 acres.
  • However, 3 Training Command aircraft were very active over the entire Eastern Command Area of Operations.
  • Out of 50, 000 Darians, only the fourteen in the command area were shielded from the catastrophe.
  • Camp Bramshott was one of three facilities in the Aldershot Command area established by the Canadian Army.
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