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  • To do this it is necessary to correlate the RBI reading with the compass heading.
  • Digital compass headings were superimposed on the imagery and the controller could add verbal comments.
  • We had two on deck in one-hour shifts, one giving compass headings and the other steering.
  • Dials and gauges that can be clicked on set the boat's depth, engine speed and compass heading.
  • Our Global Positioning System came in handy marking coordinates of snorkeling spots and for its compass headings.
  • :The section title uses the word " heading ", by which I'm guessing you mean compass heading.
  • I began to wonder what happened to the lights that I had been using to confirm my compass heading.
  • The bearing plate is rotated to the compass heading and locked, thereby recording the wind direction for future reference.
  • A compass heading of 169 degrees would be due south .-- talk 18 : 01, 16 October 2009 ( UTC)
  • The spotter call out the compass heading of the direction that enemies are in as they come within a certain range.
  • The visibility was bad when the plane flew into the fog, and the crews could only use compass heading to navigate.
  • The expression " " sailing on a rhumb " " was used in the 16th 19th centuries to indicate a particular compass heading.
  • The current FAA chart for Kahului Airport shows that Runway 02 has a compass heading of 024 degrees magnetic which is 035 degrees true.
  • The left screen shows a forward-looking, 70-degree view of the horizon and the terrain ahead, along with the aircraft's compass heading, speed and altitude.
  • The Lear carried an autopilot system that could keep the nose pointed at a constant compass heading and could maintain an altitude or a rate of climb.
  • You could use a directional antenna for more gain, or if it's inherently directional play with the orientation, which may or may not correspond exactly to the compass heading.
  • It should be noted that the runway magnetic compass heading has shifted slightly over the years, and runway 16 / 34 will be renamed to runway 17 / 35.
  • Gordon was a diligent recorder of data such as altitude, compass headings and hours travelled and other information which he would later incorporate in a great map he planned.
  • These charts specified proven ocean routes guided by coastal landmarks : sailors departed from a known point, followed a compass heading, and tried to identify their location by its landmarks.
  • NTSB investigators blamed the 1994 crash outside Washington on the flight crew, but they also found that an incorrect compass heading was entered into the altitude-warning system, preventing an alarm.
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