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  • There would be no delegation of powers without authorization.
  • The Antiquities Act is one of those delegations of power granted to the president by Congress.
  • The concept of delegation of power has yet to be fully developed in the PRC legal system.
  • In June 1940, he abstained from voting over the delegation of powers to Marshal Philippe P�tain.
  • The Prime Minister must approve, in writing, any delegation of powers to the Commissioner of Police.
  • As another sign of delegation of power, Sithu II also appointed a chief justice and a chief minister.
  • As a result, the delegation of power also carries with it onto this third party the attendant criminal responsibility.
  • The administration is expected to argue that the line-item veto represents a permissible delegation of power to the president.
  • Through this act of delegation of power to a relative, the power of the Qasimid family was confirmed in the north.
  • The Court took the view that the 1911 Act was a'remodelling'of the constitution rather than a delegation of power.
  • Delegation of power is a consensual act between a delegating decision-maker and a delegatee subordinate; writing is useful only as proof.
  • Since then the Supreme Court has shown no appetite for reviving it, and has consistently upheld delegations of power from Congress to agencies like the EPA.
  • The changes at Rochester, New Hampshire-based Cabletron signify more delegation of power by its two strong-willed founders, Benson and President Bob Levine.
  • The mechanism of delegation of powers is not a means for the decision-maker to escape his criminal responsibility, but a mechanism to assure the effectiveness of legal limitations.
  • Further, the court said Terri's Law violated the delegation of power standard that the courts themselves created to tamp down the Legislature from giving the governor too much discretion.
  • They pointed out that there were " unhappy relationships " between many county councils and boroughs in their area, with the inconsistent delegation of powers by the counties to the boroughs.
  • It's when the scale or material organization of an enterprise do not allow a decision-maker to confront his obligations that delegation of power is authorized and even desirable.
  • "' Devolution "'is the statutory delegation of powers from the central government of a sovereign state to govern at a subnational level, such as a local level.
  • Delegation of powers is made necessary by the structure of the enterprise : only the decision-maker who cannot effectively assume his legal obligations can delegate his responsibilities to a third party.
  • An executive order of the president must find support in the Constitution, either in a clause granting the president specific power, or by a delegation of power by Congress to the president.
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