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delete character उदाहरण वाक्य

विलोप संप्रतीक
delete:    विलोपन हटाएँ
character:    हरफ़ नाम संकेत
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.The delete character is strictly a control character, not a graphic character.

2.In addition to further corrections, the Ji edition greatly shortened the text, by for example deleting characters'titles.

3.However, if O2 is executed without transformation, it incorrectly deletes character " b " rather than " c ".

4.When one of the latter is invoked in the GL region, the space and delete characters ( codes 0x20 and 0x7F ) are not available.

5.However, many modern character sets deviate from ISO 646, and as a result a graphic character might occupy the position originally reserved for the delete character.

6.Conversely, for simpler operations, specialized Unix utilities such as grep ( print lines matching a pattern ), tr ( translate or delete characters ) are often preferable.

7.On Unix-like systems, the delete key is usually mapped to ESC [ 3 ~ which is the VT220 escape code for the " delete character " key.

8.In MIIS, the value false is the empty string and the value of true is a string consisting of the ASCII delete character ( code 127 decimal ).

9.But software must be more sophisticated, only accepting or creating valid multi-byte characters, and always treating multi-byte characters as one character whenever counting, copying, comparing, inserting, or deleting characters .)

10.While retaining key characters and the basic plot of the original, Hwang changes the story considerably _ adding and deleting characters, moving songs around and even assigning them to new singers.

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