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delivery department इन हिंदी

delivery department उदाहरण वाक्य

वितरण विभाग
delivery:    डिलिवरी अर्पण
department:    अंग क्षेत्र
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.The Labour and Delivery department includes services for high-risk deliveries.

2.Five nurses in Baylor's labor-and-delivery department are pregnant and due in July and August.

3.In 1949, he was promoted to general foreman, the top position in the delivery department at that time.

4.His civilian career began to prosper when he was appointed Manager of the delivery department at Anthony Hordern & Sons.

5.In 2015, the forum expanded its remit to become HIFA-French, in association with the Health Service Delivery department of WHO.

6.She graduated from the program and worked for a year in the labor and delivery department of the Fort Collins hospital.

7.These departments provide the expertise and resources which allow the service delivery departments to meet the needs of the people in the Tayside area.

8.Beth Shelton, nursing manager of the labor and delivery department at John Peter Smith Hospital in Forth Worth, said she " got real excited " when the Texas Legislature passed the Texas Concealed Handgun Law in 1995.

9.BMW ( European Delivery Department, BMW ( North America ), P . O . Box 1227, Westwood, N . J . 17675-1227; 908-225-2800 ) provides 30 days of free insurance and European registry for the buyer's European vacation.

10.Carl Barnett, a general foreman for the delivery department of The New York Times for more than 30 years, died on Saturday, July 9, at St . Francis Hospital in Roslyn, N . Y . He was 76 and a resident of Port Washington, N . Y.

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