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  • Others, again, might be swept into the widespread net of dementia praecox.
  • Kraepelin continued to equate dementia praecox with hebephrenia for the next six years.
  • Kraepelin viewed dementia praecox as a progressively deteriorating disease from which no one recovered.
  • Harry was diagnosed with dementia praecox of the hebephrenic type.
  • Pierpont was diagnosed with dementia praecox of the hebephrenic type.
  • Without Kahlbaum and Hecker there would be no dementia praecox.
  • He further identified that others major causes were for " Dementia praecox, senility and alcoholism ."
  • She also studied neurology and dementia praecox.
  • Schizophrenia was mentioned as an alternate term for dementia praecox in the 1918 " Statistical Manual ".
  • It was described in 1883 by Emil Kraepelin as dementia praecox, or the premature deterioration of the brain.
  • Particularly, he made the distinction between dementia praecox ( now called schizophrenia ), DSM ) maintain this categorical view.
  • The diagnosis of dementia praecox, on which this measure was based, was at the time considered a fatal illness.
  • While there, he was examined by the prominent German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin and diagnosed with the catatonic form of dementia praecox.
  • Prior to Bleuler's interventions schizophrenia was referred to as dementia praecox ( early insanity ) and perceived as a single disorder.
  • He was examined by psychiatrists eleven days after his arrest and was diagnosed with " dementia praecox with homicidal tendencies ".
  • Referencing her death certificate, the principal cause of death was pulmonary tuberculosis, with a contributing cause given as dementia praecox psychosis.
  • Kraepelin devoted very few pages to his speculations about the etiology of his two major insanities, dementia praecox and manic-depressive insanity.
  • The official diagnosis is dementia praecox, a phrase, for the record, with which doctors had recently described the condition of Williams'sister.
  • Dementia praecox disappeared from official psychiatry with the publication of DSM-I, replaced by the Bleuler / Meyer hybridization, " schizophrenic reaction ".
  • Kraepelin reduced the complex psychiatric taxonomies of the nineteenth century by dividing them into two classes : manic-depressive psychosis and dementia praecox.
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