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  • The IBM 3380 Direct Access Storage Device was introduced in June 1980.
  • IBM uses many terms to describe its various magnetic disk drives, such as direct access storage device, disk file and diskette file.
  • The product, called Iceberg, uses DASD, or direct access storage device technology to quickly store and recall data from a number of disk drives.
  • In the 1970s IBM introduced the Direct Access Storage Device ( DASD ) with fixed-block architecture using sizes of 512, 1024, 2048, or 4096 bytes.
  • IBM introduced the IBM 3310 Direct Access Storage Device on January 30, 1979 for VM, the only S / 370 operating systems that supports FBA devices.
  • The IBM 3390 Direct Access Storage Device series was introduced November 1989, offering a maximum storage of up to 22 gigabytes in a string of multiple drives.
  • Although its storage medium was tape, the 2321 was a direct access storage device which could directly access a record rather than scan all the tape to find a record as would a conventional tape drive.
  • In mainframe computing a "'PR / SM "'( "'Processor Resource / System Manager "') is a type-1 Hypervisor ( a virtual machine monitor ) that allows multiple I / O channels and direct access storage devices ( DASD ).
  • When direct access storage devices became available, programming languages added ways for programs to randomly access records one at a time, such as access by the values of key fields or by the position of a record in a file.
  • Beginning with its 1964 System / 360 announcement IBM's mainframes initially accessed CKD ( Count key data ) subsystems via a channel connected to separate Storage Control Units ( SCUs ) with attached Direct Access Storage Devices ( DASD ), typically a hard disk drive.
  • Other forms of Direct Access Storage Device ( DASD ), such as drum memory devices or the IBM 2321 Data Cell, might give blocks addresses that include a cylinder address, although the cylinder address doesn't select a ( geometric ) cylindrical slice of the device.
  • The sole exception is, of course, the ERP for direct access storage devices, which must always remain resident in order to recover from possible I / O errors on the IPL volume and on other volumes which contain datasets which may be concatenated with certain system datasets.
  • A data set is typically stored on a direct access storage device ( DASD ) or magnetic tape, however unit record devices, such as punch card readers, card punch, and line printers can provide input / output ( I / O ) for a data set ( file ).
  • In IBM zSeries computers with two direct access storage device ( DASD ) control units connected through dedicated connections, PPRC is the protocol used to mirror a DASD volume in one control unit ( the primary ) to a DASD volume in the other control unit ( the secondary ).
  • Weiss said that if industry projections of a 35 percent price drop in 1996 for direct access storage devices ( DASD )-based products, such as StorageTek's Iceberg system, prove correct, " StorageTek would have to ship 55 percent more product " to maintain the revenue its DASD products generated in 1995.
  • The DASD ( direct access storage device ) initialization program, IBCDASDI, or the DASD initialization application, ICKDSF, places a wait state PSW and a dummy CCW string in the 24 bytes, should the device be designated for data only, not for IPL, after which these programs format the VTOC and perform other hard drive initialization functions.
  • IBM's System 360 operating system addressed the 2321 as a direct access storage devices, i . e ., a disk drive, with a 6-byte seek address of the form �BBSCH ( hexadecimal ) where the first byte is zero and the remaining bytes address the Bin ( i . e ., cell ), Bin ( i . e ., sub-cell ), Strip, Cylinder and Head.

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