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driving license इन हिंदी

driving license उदाहरण वाक्य
चालक लाइसेंस
driving:    बहाव ड्राइव चालन
license:    आज्ञा दुराचार
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.Maybe some of you guys need to retake your driving license test.

2.An identity card such as a Norwegian driving license is however useful.

3.He also had his driving license confiscated for driving his Porsche drunk.

4.Take, for example, driving license data stored in the card's microchip.

5.Hajazi's driving license lists a birthdate that would make him 21-years-old.

6.In it was the baggie, folded neatly around Hewitt's driving license.

7.Ullrich had his driving license confiscated after a night of drinking in May.

8.Driving license applicants were charged Rp 2, 500 each, he added.

9.He has been unable to get Hewitt's driving license and Horne's wallet returned.

10.Firefighters later found the plane's wreckage, and Johann Berger's driving license.

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