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earth wire इन हिंदी

earth wire उदाहरण वाक्य

भू -संपर्क तार
earth:    थल स्थान धरती
wire:    तार फीता लाइन
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.The copper strip acts as an earth wire in the substations.

2.Do you mean the earth wiring of a dwelling?

3.:: The nuetral wire and live wire connect to the Generator, the earth wire is for safety.

4.What was more worrying, Ahmad Tajuddin said, was the removal of copper strips which were " earth wires ".

5.:To save on wiring costs, the earth wire in the consumer's property is not normally connected directly to the power company's earth.

6.Other changes were to negative earth wiring and alternator, chunckier boot lock handle, internal door latch handles, and quarter light window handles.

7.:: . . . and bare earth wires are still commonly found in the UK from before the insulation regulation was enforced.

8.Devices designed for use with water, such as clothes washers and heated toilet seats, often have a separate earth wire or earth ground pin.

9.Automatic disconnection and a measure of shock protection is therefore still provided even if the earth wiring of the installation is damaged or incomplete.

10.Basic electrical equipment ( table lamps, shavers, soldering irons ) will usually work without the earth wire ( though they might not be as safe ).

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