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  • In this process the material for the core and face sheet is the same.
  • There is also a risk of melting the face sheets.
  • For in-situ bonded face sheets the core is closed-cell foam.
  • A foamable precursor is expanded between two face sheets.
  • It is a " honeycomb core surrounded by a carbon fiber face sheet plies ."
  • This sandwich-compact assembly goes through several rolling steps to attain desired precursor and face sheet thickness.
  • Face sheets are chosen from a variety of aluminium alloy, and other metals such as steel.
  • The outer structure was made of stainless steel brazed honeycomb brazed between steel alloy face sheets.
  • When the liquid foam comes in contact with the solid face sheets a metallic bond is established.
  • The last time the Angels faced Sheets was the final spring-training game in Arizona on March 28.
  • The third way to achieve in-situ bonding consists of compaction of metal powders together with face sheets.
  • Facing sheets of rain, slippery streets, zones of cobblestone treachery and breakneck sprints, riders have kept to business.
  • The goal of in-situ bonding is to create a metallic bonding between the foam core and face sheets.
  • The melting point of the face sheet material is above the melting point of the foamable precursor material.
  • It has proven satisfactory in attaching stiffeners, such as hat sections to sheet, and face sheets to honeycomb cores.
  • Most flush hollow-core doors are faced with plywood with Philippine mahogany, or " lauan " as the face sheet.
  • Ex-situ bonding is achieved by gluing face sheets with an aluminium foam by adhesive bonding, brazing or diffusion bonding.
  • This is difficult to realize as the oxidation of both aluminium face sheets and foam prevent forming a sound bonding.
  • This procedure is successful when steel is used as face sheets instead of aluminium, while the foam core is aluminium.
  • The precursor composition is usually Al-Si, Al-Si-Cu or Al-Si-Mg alloys while the face sheets are 3xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx series aluminium alloys.
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