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  • Mississippi, USA : Mississippi Army National Guard Construction and Facilities Management Office.
  • The first year is an introduction to ( international ) Facility management.
  • It provides infrastructure consultancy, facilities management, property management, energy and healthcare services.
  • Previous Octavian initiatives have included recruitment, property, entertainment, consultancy and facilities management.
  • Women were in charge of facilities management, public relations and human resources.
  • Increasingly members come from a non-engineering background, many with facilities management experience.
  • Then in October 2013 the company sold its facilities management business to Carillion.
  • In 2010, Mitie acquired the integrated facilities management business of Dalkia in Ireland.
  • The company offers advice, design, construction, equipment and facilities management services for infrastructure.
  • He discounted the idea of setting up a facilities management company.
  • "' ABM Industries Incorporated "'is a facility management provider in the United States.
  • Other departments may include facilities management, real estate accounting, construction, and property management.
  • It was administered by the City of Eugene's Facility Management Division at that time.
  • The company will pool their technical and facility management units.
  • On March 10, OU Facilities Management removed the fraternity's Greek letters from the house.
  • Mitie is now split into : Facilities Management, Property Management, Energy solutions and Healthcare.
  • Its core business is commercial property maintenance and facility management.
  • Under both Gilbert and Zendejas, Pritchett had been an assistant superintendent for facilities management.
  • The building is managed and maintained by the Church of Scotland's Facilities Management Department.
  • In retirement Walker was Director-General of the British Institute of Facilities Management 1998 2001,
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