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  • The facility cost $ 15 million, which also included the Bayswater facility.
  • Both are free, though parking at the new facility costs $ 12.
  • The facility cost $ 9.5 million, and debuted for the 2013 season.
  • The building is not so expensive, but the facilities cost money.
  • The facility cost the company approximately US $ 100 million at the time.
  • The one million square-foot facility cost $ 450 million and employs 300 people.
  • The facility cost $ 8 million and can seat 700 patrons.
  • Personnel and facilities costs rose, offset by reductions in other spending.
  • The facility cost 70 million Norwegian krone and opened on 14 September 1954.
  • Construction of the facility cost 80 million Norwegian krone, including six radar stations.
  • Year-round parking passes for lots near UCLA's athletic facilities cost approximately $ 600.
  • Inevitably, payroll and facility costs have to be cut in efforts to reducecosts.
  • The renovation of the facilities cost approximately $ 12 million.
  • The facilities cost NOK 6 million and also took over Stavanger Radio's MF services.
  • Includes labour, materials, equipment maintenance, shipping and facilities costs.
  • This facility cost ? million and provides easier public transport access to the shopping centre.
  • The current facility cost $ 5.6 million to build.
  • DFR and associated facilities cost ?5m to build.
  • The new facility cost nearly $ 1 million.
  • The facility cost $ 22 million to construct.
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