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  • All of a sudden, everyone facing Bonds is taking the same approach:
  • So what will give when the Braves'vaunted pitching staff faces Bonds'mighty bat?
  • That's one of the biggest questions facing bond investors as the holidays approach.
  • Jose Rijo starts Saturday and hasn't faced Bonds in five years.
  • Olson would have preferred to have faced Bonds rather than go after Mayne.
  • Rich Aurilia then singled, and the Marlins brought in Vic Darensbourg to face Bonds.
  • The Cardinals faced Bonds in only two games this year.
  • The face bonds babies to their mothers, and vice versa.
  • Todd Erdos was summoned to face Bonds, who drove in Benard with an infield grounder.
  • By not allowing two batters to reach base, Percival did not have to face Bonds.
  • While Washburn has never faced Bonds in a regular-season game, some of his teammates have.
  • The big question facing Bond : Just who is the head of this Russian mob?
  • Jarrod Washburn, who is starting Game 1, will be the first Angels pitcher to face Bonds.
  • Holtz has faced Bonds in interleague play during the past few seasons and has been successful.
  • Roy Oswalt _ Has never faced Bonds.
  • "I have no fear, " said rookie left-hander Michael Tejera, today's starter, who never has faced Bonds.
  • Angels closer Troy Percival has faced Bonds on four occasions, walking him three times and retiring him once.
  • It faces Bond Street, with the building set back from the property line to create a small forecourt.
  • In the first two rounds of the playoffs, the Braves and Cardinals took the usual approach to facing Bonds.
  • Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine are all warmed up in Atlanta, set to face Bonds and the San Francisco Giants.
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