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facing bond इन हिंदी

facing bond उदाहरण वाक्य

पार्श्व चाल
facing:    लोई वस्त्रांचल
bond:    बंधपत्र बन्ध
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.All of a sudden, everyone facing Bonds is taking the same approach:

2.So what will give when the Braves'vaunted pitching staff faces Bonds'mighty bat?

3.That's one of the biggest questions facing bond investors as the holidays approach.

4.Jose Rijo starts Saturday and hasn't faced Bonds in five years.

5.Olson would have preferred to have faced Bonds rather than go after Mayne.

6.Rich Aurilia then singled, and the Marlins brought in Vic Darensbourg to face Bonds.

7.The Cardinals faced Bonds in only two games this year.

8.The face bonds babies to their mothers, and vice versa.

9.Todd Erdos was summoned to face Bonds, who drove in Benard with an infield grounder.

10.By not allowing two batters to reach base, Percival did not have to face Bonds.

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