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  • However, finite verbs are much more commonly used in speech.
  • Position 5 is for non-finite verbs, such as auxiliaries.
  • Finite verbs are marked for subject person, number, and gender.
  • Finite verbs take subjective pronominal referentials and are predicative words.
  • Gapping is widely assumed to obligatorily elide a finite verb.
  • The subject remains a dependent finite verb when subject-auxiliary inversion occurs:
  • These trees show the finite verb as the root of all sentence structure.
  • That type of inversion fails if the finite verb is not an auxiliary:
  • Here we see an objective complement of a finite verb begin with the quantifier.
  • The verb distinguishes three forms functioning as finite verbs, known as  conjugations.
  • Of course, only certain finite verbs are capable of taking a following infinitive.
  • A subject noun phrase and a finite verb.
  • Finite verbs in English usually appear as the leftmost verb in a verb catena.
  • In German declarative main clauses the finite verb is always placed as the second element.
  • It might seem that every grammatically complete sentence or clause must contain a finite verb.
  • In German embedded clauses, a finite verb form follows any non-finite forms.
  • Singular and plural forms of some finite verb stems are shown in the following table.
  • The qal is any form of the finite verb paradigm which is not so modified.
  • The nexus field contains slots for the finite verb and its arguments and adverbial modifiers.
  • However, gapping can also occur when no finite verb is involved, e . g.
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