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format line इन हिंदी

format line उदाहरण वाक्य

संरूप रेखा
format:    ग्रन्थाकार
line:    श्रेणी डोरी पेशा
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.The format of a custom log is controlled by the format line.

2.W3C extended logs may be recognized by the presence of one or more format lines, such as the one shown below.

3.Competition in large format line-casters came from Intertype, which offered a " Composing Stick Attachment " that allowed their caster to be used to cast headlines up to 60 points.

4.Westwood One has rebranded this network as "'Hot Country Today "'for a short time as part of Dial Global's revamped satellite format line-up, but then reverted to its previous name.

5.The large format line array has become the standard for large concert venues and outdoor festivals, where such systems can be flown ( rigged, suspended ) from a structural beam, ground support tower or off a tall A-frame truss tower.

6.Text editors do not format lines or pages . ( There are extensions of text editors which can perform formatting of lines and pages : batch document processing systems, starting with TJ-2 and RUNOFF and still available in such systems as LaTeX, as well as programs that implement the paged-media extensions to HTML and CSS ).

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