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format selection इन हिंदी

format selection उदाहरण वाक्य

संरूप चयन
संरूप वरण
format:    ग्रन्थाकार
selection:    पसन्द प्रवरण
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.Configuration of these surfaces is done through a pixel format selection process where different compatible layers of rendering information are combined to form a framebuffer.

2.These functions may include frame / format selection, resizing, cropping, alpha blending, compositing source images, rotating, color adjustment, and filtering.

3.Most APS cameras ( with the exception of some disposable cameras ) can record all three formats; the format selection is indicated on the film by a series of exposed squares alongside the image area or recorded on the magnetic coating depending on the camera.

4.The EOS IX7 is Canon's smallest and lightest SLR camera and is the second single-lens reflex camera introduced by the company that incorporates the benefits of EOS EF lenses and APS . It incorporates a set of IX functions like mid-roll film change, IX data exchange for Print Quality Improvement ( PQI ), drop-in loading and print format selection.

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