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formation aerobatics इन हिंदी

formation aerobatics उदाहरण वाक्य

विरचना हवाई कलाबाजी
formation:    निर्माण बनावट
aerobatics:    एरोबेटिक्स हवाई
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.Enid continue to perform close formation aerobatics while Gypo perform more dynamic manoeuvres.

2.Formation aerobatics has been a part of IAF aviation history since it was established.

3.Formation aerobatics largely stopped during the Second World War.

4.Five CF-104s from 439 ( Sabre-Toothed Tiger ) Squadron CAF ( 439 Sqn ) performed formation aerobatics.

5.The Red Arrows performed in Germany a further 170 times before formation aerobatics were banned in Germany following the Ramstein airshow disaster in 1988.

6.He was one of the team that performed formation aerobatics, including loops, with nine Furies at the April 1934 RAF display at RAF Hendon.

7.In 1964, all the RAF display teams were amalgamated, as it was feared pilots were spending too much time practising formation aerobatics rather than operational training.

8.Mallet and Heligoin, both natives of France, called their routine The French Connection Airshow, which included close-formation aerobatics, such as loops and rolls, performed in unison.

9.On completion of a decade of precision formation aerobatics, the Surya Kiran, the youngest nine-aircraft aerobatic team in the world, was conferred with No . 52 Squadron.

10.Part of the presentation was a display of formation aerobatics by Canadian Armed Forces Canadair CF-104 Starfighters ( CF-104 ) from CFB Baden Soellingen ( Baden ).

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