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  • Through the royalist government in exile, SOE at first supported the Chetniks.
  • They reconstituted the government in exile, based in N�mme to this day.
  • The PLO was hence a government in exile between 1988 and 1994.
  • Among the returnees were prominent members of the ANC's government in exile.
  • Actually, we were working from the beginning as a government in exile.
  • Fearing for his life in the wake of a government in exile.
  • First, no country was willing to recognize the Lithuanian government in exile.
  • It was not independent, and did not have any government in exile.
  • The Polish Government in Exile was the first ( in November 1942)
  • In June 1947, Zaleski was nominated president of Polish government in exile.
  • The central bodies of the PRG functioned as a government in exile.
  • Subsequently, he worked in the Netherlands government in exile in London.
  • The phenomenon of a government in exile predates formal use of the term.
  • Officials for the Tibetan government in exile were not immediately available for comment.
  • A government in exile, in contrast, has lost all its territory.
  • His government in exile is based in the northern Indian city of Dharmsala.
  • In Tanzania, the embassy has become virtually a government in exile.
  • The wartime Polish government in exile had little to say in these decisions.
  • These guerrillas formed a government in exile in Bangkok in 1945.
  • A government in exile is no good if no one knows it exists.
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