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  • The company has received preferential government loans to subsidize financially unsound projects.
  • The totals don't include supplemental spending by Congress and government loan assistance.
  • UAL hasn't decided whether to file for a government loan, Brace said.
  • Buhler purchased the Versatile tractor plant with a $ 32-million government loan.
  • Non-humanitarian foreign aid and U . S . government loans would end.
  • It alone approved and exercised oversight of government loans and debts.
  • He said he started the farm with no equity and a government loan.
  • The airlines also have recourse to $ 10 billion in government loan guarantees.
  • "We actually need the marriage paper to get government loans, " she said.
  • Government loans kept it afloat until 1983, when the company went into receivership.
  • Other fees usually associated with government loan programs were also waived.
  • His critics accuse him of abusing his connections to win low-cost government loans.
  • Government loan guarantees and subsidies also make it easier to survive.
  • He arranged grants and government loans to help her develop farms for Waikato.
  • Small government loans allow Chikosha to buy nothing more than a little fertilizer.
  • Buoyed by a government loan, Swissair resumed flights Thursday after a two-day shutdown.
  • AIG since September 2008 marketed its assets to pay off its government loans.
  • Gardiner led the bid to save the ground and secured a government loan.
  • By 1971, Lockheed needed a guaranteed government loan to save it from bankruptcy.
  • His government loan equals the $ 2.1 million in taxes that he deferred.
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