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  • Nature Island Dive in Soufriere is in the Scotts Head Bay marine preserve.
  • She co-produced and wrote for the television series " Dog's Head Bay ".
  • He then went on to star in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's " Dog's Head Bay ".
  • He said the plane crashed about five minutes later near Nancy Rock in Great Head Bay.
  • Their first co-production was " Dog's Head Bay " ( 1999 ), written by David and Kristin Williamson.
  • She is currently berthed at the former coal loading wharf in Balls Head Bay, Waverton, New South Wales.
  • In late 2003, she was evicted from Waterview Wharf and relocated to the Coal Loader in Balls Head Bay where it remains today.
  • "' Turks Head Bay "'( ) is a small bay between Tryggve Point and Turks Head on the west side of Ross Island.
  • Whether it's the long hike to the Boiling Lake or diving in Scotts Head Bay, there are services available to equip and accompany the visitor.
  • An airport official said the plane crashed about five minutes after takeoff near Nancy Rock in Great Head Bay, which is very deep with dangerous Atlantic Ocean undercurrents that flow into the Caribbean.
  • Then we'd head out to explore : snorkeling in Scotts Head Bay, touring a French aristocrat's decaying villa, going to the Carib Indian Reservation and the beautiful Emerald Pool, below a waterfall in a deep forest ravine in the middle of the island.
  • To the left, the Atlantic met the Caribbean and to the right, boats bobbed in the clear water of Scotts Head Bay, a marine sanctuary where, one diver told us, she had sighted more than half the types of fish found in the Caribbean.
  • During her time as a gate vessel, " Arleux " was rammed and nearly sunk by, with much of the ship flooded . " Arleux " was sold for mercantile use on 15 February 1946 to Atlantic Trawlers Ltd . The ship foundered on 19 August 1948 off White Head Bay, Nova Scotia.

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