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उदाहरण वाक्यमोबाइल
  • A : Write to Simpson in care of attorney Leroy " Skip"
  • A : Send letters in care of the show to " LIVE!
  • Or you can fax him, again in care of Fieger, at 810-355-5148.
  • A : Mail can be sent in care of his attorney.
  • A : Mail can be sent in care of her agent.
  • A : The actor can be reached in care of his book publisher.
  • Write him in care of NBC, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112.
  • A : Send mail to him in care of " Today,"
  • Scott believes he is helping a daughter remain in care of their mother.
  • Write to any " JAG " cast member in care of " JAG,"
  • Write him in care of the newspaper, Box 1870, Fort Worth, Texas 76101-1870.
  • Write to Majors in care of David Shapira and Associates, 15301 Venture Blvd.
  • She also had her sons placed in care of the Jesuits.
  • A : Write to the journalist in care of " Prime Time Live,"
  • The letter was mailed to Tyson in care of his promoter, Don King.
  • We're concerned with assuring the best in care of our patients.
  • Or by E-mail in care of yourmind ( AT ) nytimes . com.
  • In care of possible surprises in the mountains, it contained all essentially things.
  • You can write to the crew and cast in care of " Popular,"
  • Fans can write to Margulies in care of " ER,"
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