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induced compliance इन हिंदी

induced compliance उदाहरण वाक्य

उत्‍प्रेरित अनुपालन
induced:    उत्प्रेरित प्रेरक
compliance:    अनुकूलता अनुपालन
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.When it is an internal motive that induces compliance, the strength of the source shouldn t matter.

2.Our job is to induce compliance.

3.Is trade something we encourage for mutual economic benefit, or a carrot to induce compliance by others with our political principles?

4.They are the law, the Man, the " mens ", also a law onto themselves, using extralegal means to induce compliance.

5.During the reign of Sir John Narborough negotiated a lasting peace with Tunis and, after bombarding the city to induce compliance, with Tripoli.

6.However, the bank criticized Ukrainian authorities for below-market resource pricing policies and failing to create adequate incentives to induce compliance with air and water pollution limits.

7.The first sequel, " Revenge of the Stepford Wives " ( 1980 ), starred Don Johnson, Sharon Gless, and Julie Kavner and suggested a similar drug-induced compliance.

8.There was wide agreement and clear recognition that the means required to enforce or induce compliance with socio-economic undertakings were different from the means required for civil-political rights.

9.Using functional magnetic resonance imaging ( fMRI ), Van Veen and colleagues investigated the neural basis of cognitive dissonance in a modified version of the classic induced compliance paradigm.

10.The researchers replicated the basic induced compliance findings; participants in an experimental group enjoyed the scanner more than participants in a control group who simply were paid to make their argument.

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