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inspection technique इन हिंदी

inspection technique उदाहरण वाक्य

निरीक्षण प्रविधि
inspection:    जांच देखभाल
technique:    तरीक़ा निपुणता
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.As a result, near field microscopy remains primarily a surface inspection technique.

2.Issues on the agenda include inspection techniques, international food trade and food-borne diseases.

3.Getting the most from inspection techniques will help improve quality.

4.The corrosion was not detectable by then-current inspection techniques.

5.If the basement has finished walls, use the same wall-inspection techniques described above to detect the insulation.

6.The second line is to have inspection techniques and repair capabilities so we can come home safely,

7.Therefore, the graphical depiction can be directly verified using Instrument Landing System ( ILS ) flight inspection techniques.

8.Each course consists of two sections, one on general training and one focused on individual disciplines and inspection techniques and tactics.

9.At the same time, X-38 engineers pushed to streamline the production techniques of the X-38 using computer-aided design, manufacturing and inspection techniques.

10.The industry's GOP backers proposed complex legislative roadblocks aimed at delaying updated inspection techniques for at least two years and perhaps forever.

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