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  • Telkwa hosts an annual barbecue and demolition derby on Labour Day weekend.
  • Canada's Labour Day is also celebrated on the first Monday of September.
  • The festival occurs on the second Sunday after Labour Day in September.
  • New Zealand markets were closed Monday for the Labour Day Holiday.
  • It will make its debut on Labour Day, 1 May 2012.
  • In Western Australia, Labour Day is the first Monday in March.
  • Held annually on Labour Day weekend in and around Wascana Lake.
  • It's held around Bahamian Labour Day the first Friday in June.
  • It hosts the Annual Ashern Rodeo during the Labour Day weekend.
  • The playoff round of the NLCC uses a Labour Day weekend each year.
  • Lifeguards are now providing supervision during regular hours through to Labour Day weekend.
  • It was held over the Labour Day Weekend, the harvest season.
  • It is staged every afternoon from July 1 until Labour Day.
  • The radio adaptation was broadcast on Labour Day, 3 September 2007.
  • Labour Day Classic, as if there were only one game.
  • Open seasonally from the May long weekend to Labour Day.
  • As on Labour Day weekend when many Winnipeg fans visit Regina to support the'Riders.
  • The attraction is an SkyRider would close Labour Day, 2014.
  • The celebrations go on for three days with a parade on Labour Day Monday.
  • Today also happens to be International Labour Day in China.
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