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  • On 3 March 2016, Shannon released a single, " Lachrymal Gland ", featuring Soheechan as part of the 2gether project.
  • The much larger lachrymal gland found in leatherbacks may have evolved to cope with the higher intake of salts from their prey.
  • Lachrymal glands located behind each eye allow the loggerhead to maintain osmotic balance by eliminating the excess salt obtained from ingesting ocean water.
  • Besides their talent for the theater, he said, the Gielguds and the Terrys shared " the same weakness : weak lachrymal glands ."
  • All species of sea turtles have a lachrymal gland in the orbital cavity, capable of producing tears with a higher salt concentration than sea water.
  • The eye is also cleaned by tear secretions from the lachrymal gland and protected by an oily substance from the Harderian glands which coats the cornea and prevents dryness.
  • One main tear gland, called the lachrymal gland, at the upper outer quadrant of each eye, is responsible for emotional crying, Dolphin explained, while several additional areas produce secretions that keep the eye moist and comfortable.
  • He documented his findings in a paper titled " Glandula nova lachrymalis una cum ductu excretorio in cervis et damis ", ( " A new lachrymal gland with an excretory duct in red and fallow deer ", English translation ).
  • Jack and their fellow officers greet Harry's plight as a game that he is playing, and since Harry makes such a grandiloquent display of it _ and it's filmed with wide-screen splendor so that every twitch of his lachrymal glands seems visible _ we think so as well.
  • The easy manipulation of sending tears spilling down a young, fresh cheek can be so crass that even in a picture that has higher aspirations ( in fact, especially in a picture with higher aspirations ) we feel our stomachs being pummeled as well as our lachrymal glands.

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