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macadamized road उदाहरण वाक्य

मैकेडमीकृत सडक
macadamized:    चिकनाना समतल करना
road:    सड़क डगर रिवेट पंथ
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.It was the first macadamized road in the state.

2.The railways ended at the border, as Russian trains operated on a different macadamized roads.

3.Dirt roads are suitable for vehicles; a laterite roads, murram roads and macadamized roads .)

4.The macadamized road enabled fast movement of heavy wagon trains and gun carriages even during rainy weather, when dirt roads turned into mud.

5.Progress continued in 1861 with the completion of the first macadamized road in Latin America, the Estrada Uni�o e Ind�stria ( Union and Industry ), replacing the Caminho Novo.

6.The community had underground electricity, filtered water from a water tower, steam heating, and indoor plumbing, as well as of macadamized roads that was innovative for that era.

7.With the introduction of macadamized roads, the Cleveland Bay horse was considered not fast enough, and as a result, some Cleveland Bays were bred to Thoroughbred horses to produce the Yorkshire Coach Horse.

8.The OED has " metal ( 11 ) : Broken stone used in macadamizing roads or as ballast for a railway " .-- Shantavira 07 : 24, 7 September 2006 ( UTC)

9.During the 19th Century quarrying of granite for use in England became a valuable trade good from Guernsey, adding value by creating cobblestones for London streets, although after 1847 gravel was exported for macadamizing roads.

10.In his 1835 gazetteer of Virginia, Joseph Martin noted that the  Lynchburg and eastern turnpike, running S . W . through New London and Liberty, is now completed half the distance .  The macadamized road  enters Lynchburg at the lower [ eastern, or downriver ] end of town.

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