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"marker light" हिंदी मेंmarker light in a sentence
उदाहरण वाक्यमोबाइल
  • You can use it for architectural lighting, backlighting, marker lights, special effects.
  • Round side marker lights on each fender were added in 1968.
  • The marker lights moved back up beside the headlamps once again.
  • Norfolk Southern has removed the red marker lights from the former CSX SD80MACs.
  • Headlights, high beams, marker lights, right turn, left turn, emergency flashers.
  • Side marker lights were now shared with several other AMC models.
  • The locomotive features dual-ended operation with end-of-train red marker lights.
  • This marker light was mounted part way up the post.
  • In addition, there are new marker lights on the front fenders to enhance visibility.
  • The passing driver may then flash the trailer or marker lights to indicate thanks.
  • Front marker lights became far shorter, and square in shape.
  • Marker lights were integrated into the headlamp, and rectangular fog lamps replaced the circular ones.
  • For 1968, all new US cars were equipped with front and rear side marker lights.
  • The marker lights moved back up beside the headlamps.
  • It has a diamond headlight, and ruby marker lights.
  • The red marker light was introduced from 1965.
  • Honda integrated rear side marker lights and reflectors into the side of the tail light units.
  • Blackout Marker Lights serve the purpose of marking the position of the vehicle during blackout driving.
  • Destination blinds and marker lights were not incorporated.
  • These differed from the Czechoslovak units only by the addition of fire detectors and orange marker lights.
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