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  • On this land the Navy erected a dirigible mooring mast.
  • The foundation of the mooring mast used by the airship can still be found.
  • Progress in that direction occurred in 1923 with the erection of a Mooring Mast.
  • Testing of a new mooring mast at Dearborn, Michigan, was included in the schedule.
  • At least two ships have mounted mooring masts.
  • They were positioned close to each other and adjacent to the mooring mast for the airship.
  • A light rain swept across the field as the airship's nose dropped toward the mooring mast.
  • For advance bases where moving the mooring mast was not needed, a conventional stick mast was used.
  • The nose-cone of the envelope also carries the mooring point which can connect to a mobile mooring mast.
  • The United States Army considered Britton Field as a possible site for an airship mooring mast in 1924.
  • The Ford Airport ( Dearborn ) opened in 1924, which added an airship mooring mast in the following year.
  • After the crash of the R101, British airships no longer crossed the ocean and the mooring mast was demolished.
  • The one in front of the superstructure was reserved for the dirigibles, with a mooring mast at the bow.
  • The tower begins above the 105th story, the original mooring mast for dirigibles and 1, 250 feet from the ground.
  • The hotel featured an ornate marble lobby, a large ballroom, and a rooftop mooring mast intended for use by dirigibles.
  • As the Hindenburg approached the mooring mast at Lakehurst, there was an explosion and the airship was engulfed by flames.
  • The DN-1 was photographed beside a mooring mast but there appears to be no evidence it was ever moored to it.
  • From one angle, I thought, it looked like some misbegotten postmodern Mont St .-Michel; from another, a mooring mast for dirigibles.
  • This tramway facilitated the transportation of an airship on the mooring mast to the hangar interior or to the flight position.
  • Its launches were so smooth that passengers often missed them, believing that the airship was still docked to its mooring mast.
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