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  • Aeration : Oxygen is required for efficient decomposition of the organic wastes.
  • Can destroy finely divided and consistent organic waste, therefore significant pre-processing required.
  • Riverside urbanization may lead to organic wastes being released into the water.
  • Washington : The Worldwatch Institute holds a briefing on recycling organic wastes.
  • Other researchers had previously modified the bacterium to produce alcohol from organic waste.
  • I am arguing against indiscriminate conversion of biomass and organic wastes to fuels.
  • Other priorities include recycling organic waste to reduce landfills and generate clean energy.
  • Waste Management will also assist Terrabon in securing organic waste streams.
  • Organic waste, such as livestock manure, is incredibly rich in methane.
  • Biomass is also derived from wood and other organic wastes and modern remains.
  • They say industrial-type tests are not suitable for the organic waste from hotels.
  • Decomposition of organic waste is a major source of methane.
  • After this, composting emphasis shifted back to recycling organic wastes previously destined for landfills.
  • There may not be enough time to construct the necessary facilities for organic waste.
  • Gambusia also thrive due to their habits of consuming faecal matter and general organic waste.
  • The river has suffered a persistent pollution from eutrophication and organic waste in agricultural runoff.
  • Christchurch City Council has introduced an organic waste collection system as part of kerbside recycling.
  • Fires break out as organic waste materials, including carcasses of dead animals, trigger chemical combustion.
  • Additionally, bacteria that break down organic waste produce by products such as ammonia and nitrites.
  • Viola ! you're down to only the organic wastes that you then convert to compost.
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