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  • Ashley is a frustrated life insurance agent deluged with undead policy holders.
  • AMP has 1.8 million policy holders and expects about 1.2 million shareholders.
  • Other programs may allow the policy holder to act as the underwriter.
  • Eagleburger said of the claims made on behalf of prewar policy holders.
  • As of December 2012, Philippine Prudential has over 1.8 million policy holders.
  • The company will continue to service its existing 700 Massachusetts policy holders.
  • The department's goal is enrolling 20, 000 policy holders within six months.
  • While the insurance company may go bust, the policy holders should be protected.
  • The life insurer is considering offering policy holders a cash alternative.
  • With-profit policy holders represent 200, 000, or 80 percent, of the voting members.
  • Most of the money would be awarded to about 340, 000 policy holders.
  • This settlement is another victory for the 56, 000 policy holders of GSLIC,
  • "We're here to serve all policy holders fairly and equally, " he said.
  • Met Life and Prudential are mutual insurers owned by policy holders.
  • Policy holders will vote Nov . 20 on whether to demutualize.
  • As a mutual company, Hancock is owned by its policy holders.
  • Clerical Medical is mutually owned, meaning it is owned by its policy holders.
  • All dependent premiums are paid by policy holders, not the county.
  • The company has 4, 000 employees and 400, 000 policy holders.
  • Premiums, however, have risen dramatically in recent years even for existing policy holders.
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