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  • Race drivers are sober when they're on the track.
  • And she's also a fine racing driver ."
  • Berger, a former racing driver, said in a statement.
  • I feel better than I ever have as a race driver.
  • Any racing driver with some sense would like to be there.
  • I learned patience and I learned great race drivers win races,
  • Helton said at the pre-race driver's meeting.
  • Lauda became a racing driver despite his family's disapproval.
  • He also dined at the Clermont with racing driver Graham Hill.
  • Approximately 700 racing drivers have been created through the Caterham Academy.
  • Spa is a favourite circuit of many racing drivers and fans.
  • His brothers, Giuliano and Rosadelle would also become racing drivers.
  • His son, Roy Nissany, is also a racing driver.
  • He is a very skilled mechanic and an exceptional race driver.
  • This Apollo was driven by the Belgian race driver Ruben Maes.
  • In 1934 he embarked upon a career as a racing driver.
  • Since 1991, Michael Krankenberg has been reactivated as racing driver.
  • Denis Lian is Singapore's most successful professional racing driver.
  • In 2008 the racing driver moved to Mooresville, North Carolina.
  • The main event was won by Honda Racing driver Thed Bj�rk.
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