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  • This commentator was expecting a guilty verdict and feared race riots.
  • Austin was experiencing race riots as whites resisted integrating public schools.
  • Within three years, Los Angeles was engulfed in race riots.
  • Huge gaps in wealth helped fuel the race riots in 1969.
  • Urban riots are closely associated with race riots and police riots.
  • In 1921 the guardsmen were rushed to the Tulsa Race Riot.
  • He was noted for dispersing an anti-Chinese race riot.
  • Cardiff's first race riot occurred in Newtown in 1848.
  • Race riots in big cities had become regular summer events.
  • A race riot erupted in Roxbury's Grove Hall in 1967.
  • Anti-war protests and race riots filled the streets.
  • Outside, the 1921 Tulsa race riot was ringing in the street.
  • A race riot broke out in May 1943 of whites against blacks.
  • In 1966, racial tensions sparked a race riot at Hunters Point.
  • It was the scene of race riots in January 2001.
  • As another race riot is brewing, Glynn locks down the prison.
  • A near race riot breaks out, and Oz is locked down.
  • During the summer of 1969, Waterbury was beset by race riots.
  • Race riots targeted these immigrants, as well as new Chinese ).
  • Brady served as a night watchman during the 1921 Tulsa race riots.
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