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  • It is obtained by dividing the luminous flux by the radiant flux.
  • Watts are units of radiant flux while lumens are units of luminous flux.
  • Chemical actinometry involves measuring radiant flux via the yield from a chemical reaction.
  • Let us show the relation between them using the radiant flux as an example:
  • Direct sunlight has a luminous efficacy of about 93 lumens per watt of radiant flux.
  • Thus, a 60 watt light bulb emits a total radiant flux of about 45 watts.
  • The radiant flux ( i . e . solar power ) absorbed by the Earth is thus given by:
  • The radiance of an optical system is equal to the derivative of the radiant flux with respect to the etendue.
  • Where is the radiant flux measured at distance ( in parsecs ), the radiant flux measured at distance 10 pc } }.
  • Where is the radiant flux measured at distance ( in parsecs ), the radiant flux measured at distance 10 pc } }.
  • During operation, at high temperature and radiant flux, metal ions tend to penetrate the silica, depleting the inside of the tube.
  • Other tests, such as the " critical radiant flux " test ( ASTM E648 / NFPA 253 ) are more suitable for establishing ignitability.
  • Light with wavelengths outside the visible spectrum reduces luminous efficacy, because it contributes to the radiant flux while the luminous flux of such light is zero.
  • Typical variables to be optimized at the target include the total radiant flux, the angular distribution of optical radiation, and the spatial distribution of optical radiation.
  • The irradiance of a give area of the earth's surface changes as the angle of incidence of the radiant flux from the sun changes throughout the year.
  • In 1879, Jo ~ ef Stefan observed that the total radiant flux from a blackbody is proportional to the fourth power of its temperature and stated the Stefan Boltzmann law.
  • The half-value layer ( HVL ) is the thickness of a layer of material required to reduce the radiant flux of the transmitted radiation to half its incident magnitude.
  • If the source emitted uniformly in all directions, the total radiant flux would be about 18.40 mW, since there are 4 & pi; steradians in a sphere.
  • In practice, it is important note how radiant flux varies with direction, the size of the solid angle subtended by the source at each point on the surface, and the orientation of the surface.
  • This led to the Federal Consumer Products Safety Commission passing 16 CFR Part 1209, which sets safety standards covering four product attributes for cellulose insulation only : settled density, corrosiveness, critical radiant flux and smoldering combustion.
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