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  • This makes it possible to install radiant heat even in existing houses.
  • So, to get stratification to work well, radiant heat must be limited.
  • Radiant heat is the least drying heating method to start with, Francomano added.
  • Radiant heat is far superior to any other kind of heat,
  • The radiant heat from the sail changes the temperature of the supporting structure.
  • The foil will reflect 95 percent of the fire's radiant heat.
  • This less-crazy moon-man suit still maintains 2000?F radiant heat, but only 200?F ambient.
  • Radiant heat flooring is provided throughout the house through a hot water system.
  • Q . Would radiant heat in the wood floor work for my kitchen?
  • Thermoset foams, such as spray foam insulation, have the ability to reflect radiant heat.
  • Hot-water heating provides radiant heat, which many people find more comfortable than forced-hot air.
  • Don't even think about electric radiant heat in the floor.
  • The use of radiant heat considerably reduces the environmental impact of acclimatizing the space.
  • "The radiant heat it generated was tremendous, " he said.
  • Radiant barriers prevent radiant heat transfer equally in both directions.
  • The Myanmar short-tailed python is a non-facial pits that sense differentiations in radiant heat.
  • The radiant heat will go through any ceramic tile.
  • This greatly reduced the radiant heat that reached the thermopile when the tube was empty.
  • The shallow design also improved greatly the amount of radiant heat projected into the room.
  • Would a floor like this work, and would the radiant heat go through the tiles?
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