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radiant heat इन हिंदी

radiant heat उदाहरण वाक्य

विकिरण ऊष्मा
विकिरणी ऊष्मा
radiant:    कांति चमक प्रकाश
heat:    वेग संताप गरम करना
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.This makes it possible to install radiant heat even in existing houses.

2.So, to get stratification to work well, radiant heat must be limited.

3.Radiant heat is the least drying heating method to start with, Francomano added.

4.Radiant heat is far superior to any other kind of heat,

5.The radiant heat from the sail changes the temperature of the supporting structure.

6.The foil will reflect 95 percent of the fire's radiant heat.

7.This less-crazy moon-man suit still maintains 2000?F radiant heat, but only 200?F ambient.

8.Radiant heat flooring is provided throughout the house through a hot water system.

9.Q . Would radiant heat in the wood floor work for my kitchen?

10.Thermoset foams, such as spray foam insulation, have the ability to reflect radiant heat.

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