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  • Sad to say, the Republicans aren't much better.
  • It's not shocking, sad to say ."
  • Sad to say, tobacco has almost disappeared from the area.
  • Sad to say, politics has replaced philosophy in our schools.
  • And this, sad to say, is a lifelong task.
  • Sad to say, all that ult seeps through on air.
  • And it doesn't end there, sad to say.
  • Sad to say, the controversies themselves are good for business.
  • It's kind of sad to say goodbye ."
  • Sad to say, the movie spins out, too.
  • The night was, sad to say, something of a farce.
  • Sad to say, the 1996 presidential campaign has begun in earnest.
  • And, sad to say, our allies are right.
  • Quite the opposite, we're sad to say.
  • Sad to say, it cannot be regarded as a period piece.
  • Sad to say, Sarah Conley isn't one of them.
  • "South Park, " sad to say.
  • Sad to say, this is the season of suspicions.
  • Not all nurses are wonderful people, sad to say.
  • But, sad to say, the freshness was gone.
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