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  • By 1910, Elwood was being used as a saddle horse in California.
  • He was a former director of the National Saddle Horse Breeders Association.
  • In 1987 he was the World Champion Senior Hunter Under Saddle Horse.
  • In this shed stood a saddled horse, employed in eating his corn.
  • Jean found a bridled and saddled horse and rode off on it.
  • The American Royal Saddle Horse Show is back in the saddle again.
  • Check out the copper-plated, die-cast radio topped by a miniature saddled horse.
  • The "'Costa Rican Saddle Horse "'is a horse breed developed in Costa Rica.
  • Today, the Bespechney line still contains the Russian Saddle Horse blood.
  • He missed and killed Andy's saddle horse, which was tied to a tree.
  • He then threw the cover onto the new saddled horse.
  • It is used as a saddle horse and for hauling.
  • On the other side a saddled horse stood ready.
  • In 2010, he was inducted into the Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders'and Exhibitors'Association Hall of Fame.
  • Dick Lavery, a well-known figure in the saddle horse world, was the head instructor there.
  • The basic characteristics is an international morphology of a saddle horse, preserving the forms of progress.
  • About 800 horses were entered in this year's saddle horse competitions the second week of November.
  • His saddled horse waited patiently in the latter.
  • "The one thing I do not want to be called is'first lady;'It sounds like a saddle horse,"
  • The Royal's saddle horse show was named the best of 1999 by the United Professional Horseman's Association.
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