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scale diagram इन हिंदी

scale diagram उदाहरण वाक्य

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scale:    पलड़ा पपड़ी कोंपल
diagram:    मानचित्र
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.At different scales diagrams may represent various levels of network granularity.

2.It is not advisable to catch a snake to check whether it is venomous or not using scale diagrams.

3.The FERMIAC used this method to create two-dimensional neutron genealogies on a scale diagram of a nuclear device.

4.Distinguishing by using scale diagrams whether a snake is venomous or not in the field cannot be done in the case of uncaught specimens.

5.The whole process is repeated for all the other pairs of points required, and it is a simple matter to make a scale diagram of the plot of land.

6.And . . . I uploaded the new version of the scale diagram of " Staurikosaurus ", and also the biggest dinosaur of all, " Amphicoelias fragillimus "!

7.In South Asia, it is advisable to take the snake which has bitten a person, if it has been killed, and carry it along to the hospital for possible identification by medical staff using scale diagrams so that an informed decision can be taken them as to whether and which anti-venom is to be administered.

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