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  • A free body diagram is not meant to be a scaled drawing.
  • Before purchasing any materials, make a scale drawing of your ceiling.
  • Today computers are used in the production of scale drawings for the weavers.
  • Scale drawing of the oblateness of the 2003 IERS reference ellipsoid.
  • Now it produces accurately scaled drawings of people and can render them in color.
  • Truitt produces in scale drawings of her structures that are then produced by a cabinetmaker.
  • He works with natural materials to create massive scale drawings in sand, ice, and soil.
  • Unlike other home building projects, pond building does not require precise measurements or accurate scale drawings.
  • For the first time, repertories of photographs supplemented meticulous scale drawings and on-site renderings of details.
  • Typically, O'Connor's new works are large-scale drawings on paper made with colored pencil, paint pens and graphite.
  • From 1981-1994 Frank created surreal large-scale drawings.
  • "' Alison Norlen "'is a visual artist whose work is characterized by large scale drawing and sculpture installation.
  • Brancale works from detailed, scaled drawings.
  • Scale drawings enable dimensions to be " read " off the drawing, i . e . measured directly.
  • First presented at the Kunsthalle in Vienna, it includes large-scale drawings, models, photomontages, and video and slide presentations.
  • March 2010, Denevan was commissioned by * The Anthropologist to create a large scale drawing on Lake Baikal.
  • In 2013, Ebb began developing an ongoing series of large-scale drawings of fantasy flora entitled, " Alien Botany ".
  • Which, under the rule of " do not scale drawing ", never really did that much for them anyway.
  • Fenton became internationally-known through his first large scale drawing rendered in graphite, acrylics, gouache, and ink, called " Solitude ".
  • "' Brian Adam Douglas "'is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist whose practices include monumental woodcuts, stencils, large scale drawings and collage.
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