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americanise उदाहरण वाक्य

उदाहरण वाक्य
11.British actor Barry Foster guest-stars as an Americanised, and more deadly, version of Stephen Ward.

12.Also see WP : ENGVAR for why you shouldn't spend your next week trying to Americanise this portal.

13.She is a modern, Americanised young woman wearing trousers and a sweater, a headscarf, and dark glasses.

14.She is stiff and hurt when the Americanised Virginia returns home, having imagined her as still a little girl.

15.This seems to indicate, by her actions, that the Americanising was very much against Rowling's wishes.

16.Timex produced a second version of the ZX81 in the form of the TS1500, essentially an Americanised ZX81 launched in August 1983.

17.One exception was the Renault Alliance ( an Americanised version of the Renault 9 ), which debuted for the 1983 model year.

18.The final nail in its coffin was that it included an Americanised version of " Car 67 " rather than the original hit Brummie version.

19.Eschewing his small-town Suffolk roots for an affected, Americanised bellow, moments of petty angst are balanced with a playful country bounce.

20.We are too Americanised, " said Patrick Cheng, a San Francisco real estate agent who left Hong Kong as a student in 1968.

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