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cell adhesion उदाहरण वाक्य

उदाहरण वाक्य
31.We think this is why nature has designed cell adhesion to work this way.

32.Early thoughts focused on nitric oxide, while most recent evidence points to cell adhesion proteins.

33.Colchicine diminishes neutrophil adhesion by decreasing expression of selectins, a family of cell adhesion molecules.

34.Cell adhesion is a vital component of the body.

35.The overexpression of CDCP1 leads to the loss of cell adhesion and a detached phenotype.

36.Also, the silk's structure promotes cell adhesion and migration.

37.The core protein consists of five distinct structural cell proliferation, lipoprotein binding and cell adhesion.

38.It selectively binds to carcinoembryonic cell adhesion molecule 5.

39.Cell adhesion protein N-cadherin can replace function of E-cadherin.

40.Blockade / knockdown of RAGE resulted in impaired cell adhesion, and increased cell proliferation and migration

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