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command area उदाहरण वाक्य

उदाहरण वाक्य
11.They storm the island, slap befuddled tourists into cells and set up a makeshift command area.

12.Captain Cecil had positioned himself on the " fighting bridge " an open air command area.

13.Knee credited much of the investigation's success to last September's creation of the downtown command area.

14.Main Ustaae Headquarters was tasked to recruit one battalion for duties within the Adriatic Command area.

15.The railway was of enormous importance as it also ran through De Valera s command area.

16.The reservoir has a gross command area of.

17.The 395 m long dam is earth and rock-fill with a command area of 7300 acres.

18.However, 3 Training Command aircraft were very active over the entire Eastern Command Area of Operations.

19.Out of 50, 000 Darians, only the fourteen in the command area were shielded from the catastrophe.

20.Camp Bramshott was one of three facilities in the Aldershot Command area established by the Canadian Army.

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