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command area उदाहरण वाक्य

उदाहरण वाक्य
41.Camp Witley was one of three facilities in the Aldershot Command area established by the Canadian Army; the others being Bramshott ( nr.

42.The Atlantic Command areas that presently include the waters off Europe and the west coast of Africa were also transferred to European Command.

43.In Germany the operational command posts of the Luftwaffe use the Bundeswehr radar towers for the stationary radar sites of the operational command areas.

44.The management task is to ensure there are enough working pooled radios available in a command area to meet any " surge " need.

45.The DATF has a presence in each of the command areas as DATF ( West ), DATF ( East ) and DATF ( North ).

46.It is part of the Command Area Lighthouses of the Navy based in Naples, which deals with all the lights of the southern Tyrrhenian Sea.

47.The field lies about half a mile down a rutted dirt road from a command area that the military allowed reporters to briefly visit Sunday.

48.A heavy weapon platoon is generally used as a support group to a number of other platoons in the immediate command area / zone in question.

49.The 409th Air Expeditionary Group ( 409 AEG ) carries out surveillance and reconnaissance missions across the entire Africa Command area of responsibility, from multiple locations.

50.The United States Atlantic Command areas that had included the waters off Europe and the west coast of Africa were to be transferred to European Command.

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